Such a style of love and honeymoon of life Prinka and Ayushman

Heroes of Ayodhman, Indraj Joshi and the heroine Priyanka Karki are the lifestyle of heroes. They do what they do. However, even when a pair of couples do not have time to do what they do and what they do not do, there is a dispute. However, this pair has also taken the controversy as a discussion. Recently, the heroine Priyanka Karki posted a photo in Instagram. Ayeshman and Priyanka are enjoying the swimming pool in the picture.

If Priyanka has been able to make balances in everything, life is happening in the photography caption. Priyanka and Ayushman did not post the prizes in the swimming pool. However, this is a couple of matches in the past for the movie ‘Love Day’. Therefore, after taking a discussion, Priyanka must have posted this photo of a picture to get a discussion.

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