Editor of the posting newspaper on Prachanda, arrested by police

MONDAY 11, Kathmandu Gopal Chand, Editor of Postpathi Duttam, has been arrested by the police of Metropolitan Crime Branch. Police arrested him after publishing the news about CPN (Maoist) chairman Prachand.

The news was published and published.


Police had monitored the post after publishing the news in the post titled ‘People’s Liberation Force’ in the post titled “Attempt to kill Khukuri on Prachand,” said police.

It has been said that Cyber ​​Crime has been arrested under the Metropolitan Crime Branch for the investigation and the CIB police arrested. He has been arrested by the CIB police in Manoju.

Journalist Gopal Chand is now placed in Metropolitan Crime Branch in Teku. The news published in the post office was cited online.

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